new worlds emerge

March 17, 2022

Thursday Throwback

July 10, 2010

when patterns are broken
new worlds emerge

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Holy cannoli! Russian Ambassador to the UN just said to United Nations full nation assembly that USA is “where the legitimately elected president of country (Trump) was overthrown.” Russia just told the whole world Trump won 2020 election and there is therefore legitimate president of USA. OF COURSE. We all know. Heads of every democrat and every world leader with “Trump derangement Syndrome” are all exploding like grenades right now!

~ not sure exactly when this was originally posted, but it’s recent…

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When government offers to provide a service for the good of society.


Wishing you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold


So the convoy isn’t “officially” running today, they have divided into small groups. At the moment I am watching Oreo Express live…they are heading into downtown DC and hopefully talk to people down there. This should be interesting.

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