evil always takes advantage

March 18, 2022

photo of the week

March 14, 2022

you can ban guns
bows and arrows
spears, cars, trucks,
swords, boxcutters,
knives, sticks, and stones

But you will never disarm evil

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My Declaration

I belong to a kingdom that cannot be shaken
I am the daughter of the King who has no limitations.



Don’t let anyone ruin your day
It’s your day
Ruin it, yourself

Russia has secured US funded bio-weapons labs in Kiev, Lvov, and Odessa. All incriminating documents intercepted as well. Evidence points to plans for 2nd pandemic.

Anthrax and Smallpox strains were being altered and weaponized.

This was a primary goal for Putin, to expose OUR (US gov) involvement and those complicit in conspiratorial genocide. Putin may be an Asshole, but a very clever one. Expect this info to explode in the deep state’s face as the world learns the truth about Ukraine


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