Let My People Go

March 18, 2022

Freedom Convoy to DC

March 18, 2022

The convoy did run today. They ran or were “released” in different groups, so they were a bit spread out. There was even a limo in the group. There are a group of truckers still in DC, at 6pm on Friday evening.

The first video is a little over 5 minutes long. Sorry the fence gets in the way, I didn’t realize it was. If I knew how to trim that out, I would, but then I would lose about a minute of horns honking. It is what it is…

my second video is a little over 2 minutes long…After the first group came through, I stopped recording. I thought another group was coming through, but I wasn’t sure. While standing on the bridge, we got a few birds. Every day, it’s inevitable. I guess people don’t appreciate freedom, or are offended by the American Flag.

someone got pulled over…they weren’t part of the convoy though

Sasnak had a cement truck pull in front of him and did a real slow roll. All he did was slow the convoy down, which didn’t bother them at all. During the traffic jam on 395, someone got out of their car and was telling one of the drivers how much he appreciated what they were doing, another man came up and started fighting him…from what I understand everyone is okay.

The only way to know what is really going on is to watch the streamers. The mainstream media is not reporting accurately. A group of bikers are joining the convoy, I believe on Monday. There were a few today. Over the weekend, they will be having live bands play at night after everyone gets back to Hagerstown.

The main objective of the convoy is to stop the emergency powers act. There are other “objectives” as well…free speech – Antifa and BLM can go to DC and other cities and destroy property and kill and they get away with it but the convoy just wants to drive through and they’re being stopped; election fraud – do I need to explain that?; freedom! We just want our freedom back! Once they overstep their boundaries, we never get it back. Or, they give it back a little bit then take it back and then some. When they get on 395, they occupy the far left lane, so people can see that – for the most part – they’re not the ones causing the problem. There have been a couple drivers get out and ask why? Why do they have the exits blocked? The officers answer is “they don’t want the trucks downtown”, but somehow, someway, a few do manage to get downtown. Maybe by the grace of God? Maybe, just maybe…

That’s all I have for tonight, so I am going to leave it there…

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  1. Thanks for these! It’s always been about freedom, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

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