a day of rest for the convoy

March 20, 2022

the peoples convoy

March 19, 2022

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, I was completely worn out! After going down to the bridge and cheering the convoy on, I decided to work in a couple of my gardens. For three hours! My back hurt, I felt restless, and only wanted to put my head on the pillow and sleep. I was in bed by midnight, which is early for me lately. But now, I’m up, refreshed and ready to do what I need to do.

“Breaker one nine, this is rubber duck”

“How ’bout another convoy to save our nation?”


Here’s a little update:

  • On Thursday, some bricks and stones were dropped from bridges onto the convoy. No one was hurt, but some damage was done. I don’t know all the details…
  • Also on Thursday, one of the live streamers who normally rides with Oreo Express had soda and water dumped on him in D.C.
  • On Friday, the truckers tried to make a citizens arrest on 70 while heading into D.C. Some guy was causing trouble, speeding around and slamming on his brakes doing what they call “brake checks”. A few truckers got him boxed in, and stopped right on the highway and waited until the cops showed up. When stuff like this happens, they record the incident, then turn the camera off. Or take it off live. They do document any and all incidents, but don’t post it live.
  • wysiwyg…this guy has made some shorts of confrontations and stuff. I’ve linked to his main page, so you can scroll through and click on what you want. The man baby one I have watched and I think is hilarious. This guy, represents what is wrong in America today. “They” have the right to cuss people out, shut down any opposition, any thing they don’t agree with. But try and speak out against you’re a racist, bigot, homophobe…the list goes on and on. What they don’t seem to understand is 1) we have this thing in the U.S called “freedom of speech”. It’s a constitutional right…we have the right to speak the truth. There are limits, like “shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater, or defaming someone (spreading lies). Just because someone is triggered by something someone says doesn’t give them the right to shut the person down. 2) what they don’t realize that once they accomplish shutting down the ‘opposition’, they will come after them. They think ‘it won’t happen to me’…but if they can shut me down, they can also shut you down. The term ‘useful idiot’ isn’t around for nothing.
  • On Thursday, a group of protestors were down on Capital Hill handing out “Anti Fauci” books. I think it was Thursday.

The video below is a little over 6 minutes long…

I missed the very beginning of the convoy…I thought I was recording but I was not. But I still got over 6 minutes, so all is good.

Sasnak has a live stream up right now…he had to go to a meeting, so he handed the phone off to Grey Wolf who is walking around the site, showing the venders, kitchen, lost and found…and talking to people. It’s a cold and dreary day today, totally opposite from yesterday. The convoy is taking a day to rest, catch up on things…the organizers are also looking at others venues to stay at. The convoy has to be out Thursday, as racing starts up at the race track on Saturday. I told my boyfriend we should head up to the racetrack sometime this week and check things out. The organizers do a pretty good job of keeping everyone informed as to what’s going on, organization wise…live streamers sometimes do their own thing. There are people out and about today.

They use big tech to censor you
they use the deep state to spy on you
they use the intelligence agencies to frame you
they use the media to slander you
they use the legal system to persecute you
they rig elections to disenfranchise you
destroy you and ruin your lives
all the while they say they are the ones that are going to defend your democracy and your justice.
It’s a lot of bs, that’s what it is.

~ Donald J. Trump
45 President of the United States of America


I will try and keep you updated, as I learn more.
Oh, last night they had a concert with one live band. This afternoon there’s going to be two bands.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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