time sure does fly ~ 3 year anniversary

March 23, 2022

has it really been three years already?
my thoughts for today

Sunday, March 20, was Holly’s World’s 3-year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been three years already!!!!! Time does fly!

Three years ago, I was still working!
Three years ago, there was no plandemic, mandates, or emergency powers enacted!
Three years ago, I was 41 years old, soon to be 42!
Lord have mercy!

Three years ago, my baby boy ~ Kalimba ~ was still alive!
Three years ago, a new chapter was just getting started!
Three years ago…seems like only yesterday!
Lord have mercy!

Three years ago, was a lifetime ago!

~ all photos taken/made in March 2019 ~

It was about this time, three years ago, that I started getting sick due to stress from work. I was working 30-40 hours a week, the company would call almost every day and ask me to pick up more hours or drop my regular client and pick up someone else temporarily. At this point I only had Thursdays and Saturdays off, and was pretty much working from the time I got up in the morning to dinner time, or later. Not every day, but nearly every day. I had to put my foot down and tell them “no more.” They didn’t listen…when a client no longer needed me, I wouldn’t pick up any new clients. I was hoping this would calm my nerves/”sickness”, but it didn’t. I took two weeks vacation, hoping some time off would help. It didn’t…and part of the reason for that was they kept calling and asking me to work. I eventually got down to 15 hours a week, and I was still sick. I dreaded waking up in the morning. I loved my clients, but I didn’t love the company. (I worked for Home Instead Senior Care) I started looking for another job, but to no avail. When things didn’t improve throughout the summer and into the fall, I decided to put my two weeks in and put it in God’s hands. I stopped working the end of October, kept looking for work through the end of the year. I took some time from applying for jobs during the winter months but keeping my eyes open for any opportunities, then when I was getting ready to start applying again, COVID hit. Looking back now, I know God was pulling me out of a situation or possibly saving me from something. Even then, I knew God was doing something, I just didn’t fully understand “what”. Besides the fact that I was sick, if I had stayed, I would have had to quit anyway.

hope you have a great day!
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“Today I’m hit with the realization
life will never be the same as it was a minute ago,
a month ago, or a year ago. Cherish every moment.” 


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