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March 27, 2022

The People’s Convoy

Dr. Malone and Dr. Lock Them Up Speak
March 26, 2022

All week long I knew about the rally that was going to happen on Saturday and was debating on whether or not to go. The only thing that would’ve stopped me would be the weather…but even that didn’t stop me. Earlier in the week they were calling for cold and rain. But as the week went on, the weather forecast changed, as it always does. If it would have stayed as a rainy day, I probably wouldn’t have gone. As it turned out, there was a 30% chance of snow showers throughout the day. It was snowing when we left the house, and it snowed off and on the whole time we were there. Snow bursts is what they actually call it. This is when it snows for a couple of minutes then stops. There was hail mixed in with it as well.

It didn’t amount to anything…except being cold and wet, especially at the end.

I was bundled up almost like I was going to be playing in the snow…two pairs of socks, boots, leggings plus sweatpants, three shirts – one of which was long sleeve – a sweatshirt, and my heavy winter coat and a knit hat. As I needed to, I pulled either hood up from my sweatshirt/coat. There were times when I had both hoods up! Oh, I was wearing gloves too!! After sitting down to listen to the speakers, I had my boyfriend go back and grab a blanket from the truck. The snow was melting and going straight through, which was making me cold. Other than that, for the most part I stayed warm.

I didn’t take a whole lot of photos, nor did I take any video. (I will link the speech at the end.) I was trying to figure out how to do a video without killing my phone…I didn’t want to do a couple one-minute videos. So, I decided to just be there, enjoy the moment and link to one of the live streamers.

If you haven’t been listening regularly, they always start any meeting/rally with The National Anthem, The Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Yesterday, we sang The National Anthem twice, once with music and once a cappella. On the stage, from left to right is Dr. Lock Them Up, Dr, Malone, Brian and Marcus. Brian and Marcus are two of the organizers for the convoy.

Dr Lock Them Up

As many of you are aware, whenever Dr. Lock Them Up or Dr. Malone are mentioned, the left goes crazy. I did a little post about the rally on Facebook yesterday. As of right now, I haven’t been dinged…yet. We’ll see how long it takes.

Dr. Malone

Of course, Dr. Malone was the main speaker and the reason most people – who weren’t part of the convoy – were there. There were a lot of people there, and most stayed to the end.

Some highlights from the rally…

  • we’re doing this for our children, grandchildren…the future
  • no government, company – no one has the right to violate our God given rights/force us to do something we don’t want to
  • with God, all things are possible
  • There is no medical emergency!!!!
  • No licensed vaccine! There is an intentional strategy funded by Bill and Malinda Gates (SEPY) that states if you don’t want liability, don’t put out a licensed drug. This is where the Emergency Act comes into play. It was a conscious decision.
  • mRNA is Gene Therapy (from Malone’s mouth!)
  • WEF (World Economic Forum) has been working for 30+ years to train people to do their bidding (The Great Reset)
  • DC is wicked! Not really news, but it’s the truth…
  • they want total control, over every aspect of your/our lives. They are not nice and won’t play fair. Give them no quarter!! the law doesn’t matter anymore (to them), they have redefined so much…vaccines, journalism (now defined as advocacy or solutions journalism…not any different than propaganda)
  • Home Land Security has no right to control what you think or say, but their job title has been redefined…

You’ll have to watch the video, linked below, to get more!

Some other highlights …

  • the convoy is in touch with people from Australia, New Zealand and Canada (Canada is regrouping at the moment from what I hear)
  • the convoy is suing the D.C. police department for violating second amendment rights…a lawyer has been retained and anyone that is part of the convoy and has been pulled over for any reason, has been asked to give the organizer(s) info so they can be part of the lawsuit. What the police/mayor has done to try and stop the convoy is illegal. It is also dangerous to close off ramps.
  • the convoy is growing…there are more trucks showing up on Monday (March 28)

I made friends with a beautiful dog…

Here’s the video from the rally. This is Jersey Jay’s video link…he’s the only one I can find at the moment. I’m actually watching/listening to the video as I’m working on this, so I can refresh my memory. Some of the comments are interesting to read. The speech starts around the 50-minute mark…I highly suggest you watch the video before it gets taken down. The hail/snowstorm at the end of Dr. Malone’s speech was the longest/hardest downpour of the day.

I’m pro-pipeline

My truck doesn’t run on fairy dust and unicorn piss

I personally really needed this. It revamped me, gave me the umph to keep going, to keep sharing the truth.

hope you have a great day!
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Stay true to yourself
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World Hoax Organization

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