freedom on the foggy river

March 30, 2022

a hump day photo

March 9, 2022; Potomac River near Harper’s Ferry WVA

Have you ever noticed
that in order to maintain your “freedom”
you need to obey an ever-increasing number of laws?

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Joseph waited
13 years
Abraham waited
25 years
Moses waited
40 years
Jesus waited
30 years

If God is making you wait
you’re in good company.



I formally wish to leave society
and become a lone ranger

The U.S. has dropped at least 337,000 bombs in the past 20 years and has bombed

Syria for 5 years
Yemen for 7 years
Somalia for 15 years
Pakistan for 18 years
Afghanistan for 21 years

But now you care about Ukraine?
Exactly when the media tells you to?


take care
stay safe
much love

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