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April 3, 2022

my thoughts for today

…all of my garden photos are from the past…

Sorry I haven’t shared any thoughts lately, well, since last Sunday anyway. I really have no excuse…I’m exhausted, my sleep schedule has changed a little, spring is trying to make an appearance. I’ve also been working on cleaning out the gardens from overwintering. I was going to take some pics, but that will have to be for another day. I’ve gotten 8 of my 11 gardens cleaned up. Sounds like a lot, right? Not really, not when I plan on digging up as much of the grass I can. I’ve cut the main mowing time from about two hours to approximately one hour. When I mow the whole property, it takes about two hours. It used to take three to three and half hours to mow the whole property.

“front” garden before and after

My hope and plan is to cut the mowing down to about a half hour or so. I can’t get rid of all of the grass, obviously, but if I can get it to a half hour mow time around the house and down the lane, I’ll be happy! There will always be grasses of some type, but I am and will do what I can to help the wildlife, birds, and critters. There will be times when mow time will be longer, but for the most part I will be sharing this piece of land with the animals and critters. I am doing this for them, the environment, and myself.

I also transplanted some woodland flowers into the garden I was working on today. My hope is that they will help deter the ornamental grass from spreading any more. The clump I have is huge and was brought in by wildlife. I wouldn’t have planted this on my own free will. Trying to dig it out is nearly impossible. You’ll see!

In the image on the right, above,
is the clump of ornamental grass
I mentioned earlier…it is rather small,
the image being taken in 2019
in the image on the left, the “grass”
is green, and the cedar tree in the foreground
was destroyed by rutting deer.
That’s okay though, a walnut tree has
taken its place.

I still have the wood stove going, but not nearly as hot as we have had it recently. There other night, last weekend, I had the water on top of the wood stove boiling… I’ve never had it that hot! Steaming, yes, but never boiling!!

So anyway, I have been paying attention to the people’s convoy throughout the week. I just haven’t shared any thoughts.

Sasnak and others take a lap around the race track: in North Little Rock Arkansas. They head out onto the track around the 1:50 mark (one hour fifty), if you want to rewind or whatever needs to be done. If the video doesn’t play, you can go to Sasnak on youtube then click on Peoples Convoy 4/2/22. Little Rock AR. I don’t know how much of the race you get to see, but he does live stream it. It is a dirt track… As many of you are aware, or may not be, the people’s convoy left Hagerstown MD on Thursday (3-31-2022) and are heading to California to protest ten bills that are being introduced, regarding vaccines and children. I believe two have been shelved, at least temporarily. One of the ones shelved has to do with tracking. What they want, in the bills introduced is to allow 12 year olds to make medical decisions without parents consent, allow information to be sold to third parties, force (?) law enforcement to get involved – I’m not sure exactly how this is worded but law enforcement will be involved. I can’t remember the other bills, but none of it is good. The convoy decided to go to California to raise awareness on this and hopefully stop it from passing. As most of us know, what happens in California happens in the rest of the states, and it doesn’t take long for the other states to follow suit.

While I am sad to see the convoy leave the area, I completely understand why they did. I am also sure that the D.C. Mayor and police department are breathing a sigh of relief…at least for the moment. They will be coming back, and coming back stronger. The freedom convoy USA caught up with the people’s convoy on Wednesday (3-30-2022) and rolled out the next day to head to California. Some people did stay behind in Hagerstown, but not much is happening on that end. They have to be out by Thursday, April 5. I’m not sure where they are going at that point, but I will let you know when I know any details.

Here’s another video you need to watch…OTR…they interview this lady, she will have you laughing and crying. It’s not live and is ten hours long, the best part is at the end, around the 10:05 mark. There is more, in the next video, which is still live at the moment. You can click on it, or I will share it tomorrow. If you want to click on it, it’s OTR After Dark…but as I mentioned it is live right now, I don’t know when it won’t be “live”. This woman they interview is awesome and says she is going back to Hagerstown/D.C. when they go back. OTR and his viewers got her and her friend a hotel room for the night, as they were sleeping in their car for the night. How awesome is that?!?!?

Here’s the meeting from tonight (4-2-2022) if you want to see it. This is Oreo Expresses live stream, which is not live stream anymore.

Well, that’s all I have for tonight…

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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