establishment is a general term for the power elite

April 7, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

The word ‘establishment’
is a general term for the power elite
in international finance, business,
the professions and government,
largely from the northeast
who wield most of the power
regardless of who is in the White House.
Most people are unaware
of the existence of this ‘legitimate mafia’.
Yet the power of the Establishment
makes itself felt from the professor
who seeks a foundation grant
to the candidate for a cabinet post
or State Department job.
It effects the nation’s policies in almost every area.
~ Edith Kermit Roosevelt
Elite Clique Holds Power in U.S.
Indianapolis News, p. 6, Dec. 23, 1961

* I believe that when she says “northeast”, she’s talking about the American northeast. Of course, it needs to be taken into consideration when she made the statement, which was in ’61.

*we’re getting some pretty severe thunderstorms this afternoon, which is keeping me off the computer…at least for the time being. When the storms have passed I will be back online.

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Zelinski has 1.4 billion dollars. More than Will Smith, Chris Rock, and Dave Chapelle combined. We are to believe that he made that as a comedian in the poorest country in Europe?



Sometimes I just want to
shut off my mobile phone
sell my car
move to a cabin in the woods
and live off the land

…I’m slowly, but surely working on that lifestyle…one day at a time.

Schools are not teaching alternative sexuality to minors.

It’s outrageous that Florida would ban schools from teaching alternative sexuality to minors.

…kids should be kids, and shouldn’t be worried about whether they are male, female, or something else. If any discussion is to be had, it should be between the child and his/her parents and doctors, and if need be taken further.


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~ ~ Why does Piglet smell?

~ ~ Because he plays with Pooh!

…couldn’t help it!


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