nothing is difficult

April 8, 2022

photo of the week

April 3, 2022

Nothing is difficult
if one wants it

~ Polish Proverb

I’ve got some work to do! I plan on digging out around the stump with the flower basket on it and the log that’s laying on the ground beside it. I might just let it go and see what grows, or when the flowers I have start to go to seed, “drop” some seeds there. We’ll see…all I really know is I want to get rid of the grass. I’ll probably also extend the garden in the foreground to the row of Crepe Myrtle’s to the right, which you can’t really see. If you notice some bushes that look dead, those are my Crepe Myrtle’s. They are late bloomers. There are also a handful of Holly trees off to the right. As they mature and get bigger, the grassy area will disappear.

There will be more updates and photos as I get more work done and things start to fill out.

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Hey, evil, sick democrats!
I don’t think you have any idea
how united and pissed off
Trump’s red army really is

But very shortly y’all might find out



Even if you know the way
Ask one more time

~ Korean Proverb

We are not talking about fraudulent voting acts. What we are talking about is TREASON! When you coordinate six to ten states, using cyber warfare to change the outcome, these are TREASONOUS acts.


take care
stay safe
much love

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