you got through yesterday, you’ll get through today too

April 13, 2022

better than yesterday

“Some mornings you have to remind yourself
that you got through yesterday

and you will get through today too.”
~ Lidia Longorio
Hey Humanity

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!


This world has redefined
the word LOVE

It now means:
~ acceptance of all false religions
~ tolerance of all sinful behavior
~ tolerance of false doctrines
~ refusal to rebuke and expose anyone
~ never offend anyone with truth

…if you love me, you will accept “this”, and yes, there are different types of love. Just because I say I love you doesn’t mean I have to allow you to walk all over me, nor does it mean I love you the same way as I do my son, for example.



Every house
should have one of these

…put a mattress, pillows or ball pit at the bottom!

Don’t let this, this and this

distract you from this, this and this


take care
stay safe
much love

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