there is a purpose and a plan behind all this madness

April 23, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Cheer up!
Things are not left to chance
no blind fate rules the world
God has purposes
and those purposes are fulfilled
God has plans
and those plans are wise
and can never be dislocated!

~ Charles Spurgeon

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Are you really going to spend this one life that you’ve been given apologizing for who you are? Hiding that big, beautiful personality, shape shifting into versions of yourself that you don’t even like, and watering down the emotions that keep watering down the emotions that keep your heart so open and loving? Are you really going to continue to disappoint yourself just to please others? I hope not. Life is too short to never be known.

~ Melissa Gene


Meanwhile in April . . .



you notice that there is a huge influx of fake BS when their narrative starts falling apart?

the Deep State is absolutely getting their teeth kicked in and now we have a false flag subway shooting, gun regulation coming, covid-19 positive all over DC, federal vaccine mandates coming back (and being dropped), Comet headed toward Earth, oh and apparently, they put king cobra venom in our water supply and put it on a documentary called “watch the water” just so anons will pay attention. All in the last few days.

News Flash: even if they did put king cobra venom in the water supply, it clearly didn’t work well, bc 99% of people survived. Also didn’t know king cobra venom didn’t work on kids and only caused deaths in people with multiple comorbidities.

in the meantime, I’m focusing on Russia/Ukraine and the arrest of Deep State players.


take care
stay safe
much love

2 Comments on “there is a purpose and a plan behind all this madness

    • I get a lot of my info from people on messenger/Facebook…then I go and look for news articles to either back it up or discredit it.

      I stay away from msm as well, even have a hard time with talk radio any more. Most of the time they still push the covid, msm, narrative and it irks me.

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