returning to the source is stillness

April 26, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Returning to the source is stillness
which is the way of nature
Each separate being in the universe
returns to the common source of serenity
To replenish the soul
Which enables them to grow and flourish

~ Rhonda Redbird

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Trump isn’t running against Biden…

he’s running against The Clinton’s, Obama’s, CNN, MSN, NBC, ABC, NPR, Soros, BLM, Antifa, etc….

It’s Trump vs. Satan

…I know this an older meme, but I think it still holds true today. Even if Trump doesn’t run in 2024 (which I think he will), whoever does run against the Democrats, will find themselves in the same situation. Even with the midterms coming up, it’s the same scenario.



I’d watch this channel any day…

Since when is empty shelves and doubling and tripling the price of everything considered Building Back Better?


take care
stay safe
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