pay attention to today

April 27, 2022

better than yesterday

“I might want to start paying real close attention to today
because it will shape the yesterday that I will be thinking about tomorrow.”

~ Craig D. Lounsbrough

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Can’t clean up the room?
Clean a corner of it.
Can’t do all the dishes?
Do a dish
Can’t get in the shower?
Wash your face.

Always look for the thing you CAN do, with the energy and focus you DO have. Little wins pave the way for bigger wins.

1% beats 0%



“And then you place the vegetables on top
and no one will ever notice his body.”

Business Insider

Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post buy marks a fascinating cultural transition in America – August 5, 2013

Elon Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter represents a chilling new threat: billionaire trolls taking over social media – April 14, 2022


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