the end of an illusion?

April 27, 2022

a hump day photo

February 2, 2022
one of my many Holly’s to tarnsplant

This is not the end of the world
But the end of an illusion

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If feelings could talk

sadness might be telling me I need to cry
loneliness might be telling me I need connection
shame might be telling me I need self-compassion
resentment might be telling me to forgive
emptiness might be telling me I need to do something creative
anger might be telling me I need to check-in with my boundaries
anxiety might be telling me I need to breathe
stress might be telling me I need to take it one step at a time



It’s a little-known fact
that cow farts come from the dairy air

Please don’t block me

If they treat you like crap when you’re armed to the teeth, imagine the abuse after they disarm you…


Why was Christmas banned in the US?: Live Science…many Christians considered Christmas to be a pagan holiday back in the day

take care
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Not wanting to appear judgmental
we mistakenly try to make Biblical truth fit the culture around us

~ A.W. Tozer

8 Comments on “the end of an illusion?

  1. i don’t understand all the fuss about the cows. The poop makes excellent natural fertilizer that can be used to grow plants. It’s organic and natural. So what if they have a fart fest. Maybe it makes better poop.

    • I honestly almost love the smell…sounds weird, but its true. True country air includes the smell of cow poop! 😁 Cows also digest their food more completely than other animals, like horses. (years ago, my dad used horse manure on the veggie garden, needless to say the garden was full of weeds that year)

      • There are people out there that believe everything you need comes from the grocery store, therefore there is no need for farms; and that eating any meat – even in moderation – is bad for you, hence the push for ‘plant based meat’, which is disgusting in my opinion nor is it natural. If I had to, I’d go organic veggie before trying to convince my body that something that isn’t meat is.

      • True. Those fake meats scare me. People would bloat up to five hundred pounds if they become a part of our diet.

  2. I live in Texas Cow County. I’ve ever taking a couple of selfies with Cows. That said, they produce a lot of methane gas. Although, if the oceans ever warm up the frozen methane beneath the seafloor will be so much worse.

    ‘They’ will never disarm Americans. I’ve lived in Texas less than six months. Everyone owns firearms here, and I love it. It’s an incredible feeling to know that everyone is carrying something. I’ve met people with 50 Cal. Machine Guns in their SUV 😊 I love Texas!

    Good Morning, Holly!

    • As the saying goes, they’ll get my guns over my dead body! ‘They’ want to disarm us bc it will be easier to control us once they do. But like you said, it will never happen…not as long as people like us are still alive.

      As for the methane gas produced by cows, nature can and will take care of itself if we let it. The gas from a cow won’t kill me like that from a car.

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