always go too far, that’s where you’ll find the truth

April 29, 2022

photo of the week

April 27, 2022
Dogwood flowers

The evil that is in the world
always comes of ignorance,
and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence,
if they lack understanding.
On the whole,
men are more good than bad,
that, however, isn’t the real point.
~ Albert Camus
(The Plague)

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If it gets cold one more time, I’m just gonna put my Christmas tree back up.

…we have had freeze warnings every night this week! At this point, my flowers are on their own. My house plants are still inside…but I am so ready to put them out!!!



The “I’m leaving Twitter” Starter Pack

Daniel 12: 10

Prophecy is being fulfilled
Many will purify themselves and be made white and be refined, but the lawless will act lawlessly, and none of the lawless shall understand: but they who are wise shall understand.


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