Not sure what to do

May 2, 2022

this is mainly intended for my twitter friends, as it is the only way I can communicate at the moment…

As of right now, I can’t get into my Holly’s World account on twitter. I can see it, but I am interacting through a new account, which I didn’t mean to set up. My new account is @hollymo25776311…

Don’t know what happened nor what I am going to do. I tried getting on Twitter a little while ago and now I can’t get into either account. I will try again tomorrow, but after that…who knows. One thing you can do, if you want to keep up with Holly’s world is sign up for email. That way, if I end up deleting Twitter and starting over, you will be in the know.

I honestly didn’t mean to stay away from Twitter for so long…one thing lead to another which lead to another and now I can’t communicate with you any other way except through here. I could give excuses, but it all comes down to when I have down time I take advantage of it.

hope you have a great day!

thanks for stopping by!!

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