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May 6, 2022

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Because he believes in himself
he doesn’t try to convince others
Because he is content with himself
he doesn’t need others’ approval
Because he accepts himself
the whole world accepts him

~ Lao Tzu

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Just to be clear, there is no plan to eliminate student debt.

There is a plan to transfer that debt to those that don’t owe it.

…I heard on the radio that AOC owes around $12,000 in student debt. As much money as she makes (her family is loaded by the way), she can’t pay it off?!?!?
When I graduated, I owed about 14,000…I had it paid off within a couple months. Granted, I had the money and the flexibility to pay it off…but if I can, I think she can as well.


A “thingamajig” in other languages:

10. Zamazingo (Turkish)
9. Chingadera (Mexican Spanish)
8. Habbijabbi (Bengali)
7. Dittelidut (Danish)
6. Shismoo (Arabic)
5. Haghawagha (Pashto)
4. Intazinga (Zulu)
3. Nanninani (Japanese)
2. Dingsbums (German)
1. Huppeldepup (Dutch)


affair, bazinga, dealie, dealy, dinglehopper, dingus, dohickey, doobry, doodad, doodah, doodathingywhatsit, doohickey, doojigger, foo, foobar, frammis, frobnitz, gadget, geegaw, gewgaw, gimmick, gismo, gizmo, gubbins, hickey, hoobajoob, hoojamaflip, jigger, job, jobber, jobby, oojamaflip, stuff, thing, thingamabob, thingamajig, thingamy, thingie, thingo, thingumabob, thingumajig, thingumbob, thingummy, thingy, ting, whatchamacallit, whattayacallit, watcha ma’call it, what’s-a-name, whatsitsname, what’s-its-name, whoositdoodle, whatnot, whatsit, whatsis, whiff-whaff, widget, wingding, wossname, wotsit
thingmy, hingmie, hingmy (Scottish English)
yoke (Irish English)
chummyjigger, machine (Newfoundland English)

‘Conspiracy Theorist’
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