So, You’re Offended

May 9, 2022

just another song that’s on my play list on Pandora…somehow my son has a knack for finding and liking these songs. Some of the songs are ‘suggested’, when a good song comes up and he likes it, he clicks the ‘like’ button. I honestly have no idea what the next song will be sometimes, some are good, some not so much.

Hope you enjoy…

So, you’re offended, horribly offended
Though I don’t comprehend it
‘Cause what offended wasn’t about you
But you were in your bubble
When you encountered trouble
‘Cause you got on the net
Where you just might get
An opposing view

And now you’re mad as hell
And your veins, they swell
And your fingers tapping trouble out
To people who think different from you
And now three days have gone
And you’re still ranting on
Dishing danger out to strangers
‘Till they say that they agree with your views

Reasonable people
When they’re walking down the street
And they see a pile of doggie do
They do their best to go around
The hot mess on the ground
‘Cause that’s what smart people do
But ever since detecting it
You’re on your knees inspecting it
Like it’s a real job you have
Now, you’ve touched it and you tasted it
You licked and you kicked it
And you wonder why your life’s so sad

‘Cause now you’re smeared in shit
And you bathe in it
And you won’t rest until the rest of us
And possibly the best of us
Are bathed in it, too

There’s a world outside, it’s beautiful
And it’s waiting there for you
To experience its wonders, all you have to do
Is when there’s something you don’t like
Just click away

‘Cause if you don’t, really
What does that say?
You want to be offended

So, you’re offended, so what?
Horribly offended, who cares?
I suggest that you end it ’cause really
It’s what’s best for you
Here’s my tip for you
Do what I would do
When I’m on the net and get upset
I put it down and go outside
Maybe ride a bike or go fly a kite
Or go for a walk and see the sights
Call a friend and get a bite
Just do something you like

And you won’t be offended
So horribly offended
Life could be rose-scented
Don’t waste it being offended

So, you’re offended
by Aurelio Voltaire

released January 18, 2019
What are the odds soundtrack

“I disapprove of what you say,
but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” 

~ Voltaire

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Oh, so you’re offended?
That don’t impress me much.


Just because you’re offended
doesn’t mean you’re right

~ Ricky Gervais


take care
stay safe
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