a different vision of life required

May 13, 2022

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Columbine buds

A different language
is a different vision of life

~ Frederico Fellini

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I am that!



The steaks have been raised

Maybe we’d all be happier letting them [the left] pick a few states they can turn into their own country with
no guns
no police
no statues
no genders
no flags
no men
ne electricity

The United Freaks of America

~ Candace Owens

…I’ve often said, if they – the left or anyone that hates the US so much – think a communist country is so much better, pack a suitcase, here’s $50. You can get dropped off in North Korea or China. Good luck!


Kindergartners sent home with masterbation assignment: TikTok/citizens free press…this happened in British Columbia/Canada, and was actually Pre-K which they call Junior kindergarten. It was, apparently, part of the teachers ‘no touch’ program that the school wasn’t aware of, according to the article. The assignment was to identify places in the home where it’s safe to masturbate. As a parent, I’d be livid! 4 year olds don’t need to be learning this.

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