beautiful flowers and a cat bird

May 20, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

God Almighty first planted a garden.
And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.
~ Francis Bacon

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Mildred smiling as she grabs her jar of
‘I told you so’



It took 2000 mules
to install one jackass

Buying a home in 2022:

1 bedroom with A/C on an open lot



take care
stay safe
much love


5 Comments on “beautiful flowers and a cat bird

  1. That tent compares to the cost of a typical Denver residence. Within a few months of marijuana being legalized, a housing shortage began, and the cost of living shot out of control. Denver has become flooded with libs sporting biden yard signs. I don’t miss it. I love Texas.

    Oops, sidetracked!

    • It’s the same in Maryland…the closer you get to DC the more expensive a house and more likely you are to see BLM and proBiden signs…and face diapers. The way the economy is going, a tent is all some are going to be able to afford. If one can be found.

      • That’s so funny. I just wrote a comment about ‘bacteria infested face-diapers’. I should have moved here to Texas a long time ago. Texas State Law allows anyone 21 years or older to conceal carry without a permit.

      • I guess Texas still believes in common sense? There’s a couple other states, I think, that are the same way with concealed carry. Maryland is one of the hardest to get a concealed carry…but the constitution is my permit 😉 or it’s the way it should be. I’ll tell you right now, the government doesn’t know if I have guns or not.

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