June 2, 2022

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If evil lasts for a long time
it will become tradition

~ Igbo Proverb ~

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“Believe me! They are trying to kill us! All of us! Please, listen to me…”

“Of course! And that’s why they give us a roof over our heads and feed us”

“Tell her to shut up!”

“Conspiracy Theorists, always nagging the perfectly normal system”

“Here we go again…”



Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Spell who?
OK, w.h.o.

What’s an orgasm?

When you fold paper to look like birds and stuff

That’s oregano


12 of the 13 amendments Biden sent to the world health assembly are rejected: the new American… all 13 amendments should have been rejected, but I guess we can’t win them all. In case you missed it, Biden had sent 13 amendments to the world health assembly, which is part of the WHO. These amendments would essentially turn over US sovereignty to the WHO, meaning we as a nation would lose control over our own country, being able to make our own decisions as a nation. At the moment, it does feel like we have no control, but at least we don’t have another country telling us what to do. Even if there are unknown forces working behind the scenes, we are still our own country. For how long? Do we as a nation fall? That remains to be seen…

Psalm 29: 11 (KJV)
The Lord will give strength unto his people;
the Lord will bless his people with peace.

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