keeping cool during a heat wave without air conditioning

June 2, 2022

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I have to say, taking the last week off from making posts has been a life saver! I have made a few, to get me through the weekend, but for the most part I have had the time to do things without being stressed about time. Being in Facebook jail, until today, has also saved me some time – not that I spend a whole lot of time on Facebook. Thinking about it, I probably spend more time restricted than not. Oh well…it is what it is.

On Sunday, we pulled the cover off the pool. The water still looks a little green in the photo, but it’s a 100% improvement even from yesterday. I had to resort to siphoning some water out to get all the dead algae out, and then refill it and then vacuum it. Why siphon it? There was so much algae in it that all the vacuum did, for the most part, was stir everything up. I did this twice, to get it to look like it does today.
Last fall, it got so cold so quick that I couldn’t clean it and close it the way I normally do, so I knew I would have a little work to do this year, when I opened it up.

I get in the pool in the morning, before the sun even reaches it, and do what I need to do – siphoning, refilling and vacuuming. I got sunburnt on Saturday during the 1776 Restoration Movement Rally, so for the last few days I have been trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible. We’ve also been in a heat wave all week, so getting everything I can done in the morning and resting in the afternoon, during the heat of the day, is a must. Especially since we don’t have A.C.

I’m learning how to keep the temperature and humidity down in the house. They say, keep the windows on the south side of the house closed, and the north side open. Put a box fan in one window to pull air in and another fan in another window to push air out, but in this house it doesn’t work. During the day, I keep the windows and doors closed, with the curtains drawn on the south side of the house – which is the front of the house for me, and all my ceiling fans going, plus a box fan (I need one more), two osculating fans, and a personal fan behind the couch. During the day, the box fan is on a small side table with a jar of charcoal behind it and a tub of ice in front of it. The charcoal is to help dehumidify; the ice is to help cool the air that much more. (I’ll explain more about the charcoal in a minute.) At night, when the temperature inside and outside the house neutralizes, I put the box fan in the window with a blanket on either side to limit how much air escapes, pulling cool air into the house. In the morning, I take the fan out of the window. Doing this keeps the inside temperatures about 13 degrees cooler than outside.

I’ve been saving charcoal and ash from the wood stove to help dehumidify the house during the summer. So far, with what I’ve pulled out to use, I have been able to drop the humidity by 10% or more. I’m having the same trouble with dehumidifying the house as I had trying to humidify during the winter. During the winter, I had to add water in other parts of the house to bring the humidity up to “normal” in the wood stove room. I’m probably going to have to do the same thing with dehumidifying, for whatever reason. I’m learning to live without and making do with what we have. So far, we’re surviving…and doing a pretty good job at it. I think!

Believe it or not, I had a fire going not too long ago, which is why I’ve still got wood in the house. It will be back outside soon. I had to light a fire to get the chill off in the house…and now we’re in a heat wave. Go figure!

But now that I’ve got the pool open and pretty much ready to go…

I will have time to work on my gardens. And if I get hot, I can cool off in the pool. Believe me, the gardens need some work too! With the heat wave, the vines have exploded!! And I haven’t had the time or energy to work the gardens.

It has cooled off today, which is why the box fan is in the window and not on the side table, and they’re calling for thunderstorms. So far, we’ve seen a few raindrops and a nice breeze. But no thunder or lightning…yet. We”l see what happens!

Hope you have a nice day!
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