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June 9, 2022

throwback Thursday

time stamped March 7, 2001
although I’m not sure how accurate that is

this is now…

May 18, 2022

When we moved into the house the bay window was different and cracked. It was four panel, instead of three panel, and had two crank windows on either side instead of slide windows. It was replaced after my son was born. So, the top photo could have been from 2001.
The people who lived in the house before us, allowed their children to run around unsupervised…and would throw rocks at the house and use the front door as a target (with bb guns). A rock hit the window. I’m surprised they didn’t do more damage in the three two years they lived here. The Jehovah Witnesses offered to replace the window, but my dad said no. Why did the JW’s offer in the first place? Long story short, they bought the property and did a property swap with us. In more ways than one, sometimes I wish we still owned the farmhouse built in 1900 and the 2 1/2 acres, but that’s something to delve into another day.

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“It’s supposed to relieve stress”

If ‘build back better’ was a bridge


No birth records for any of the Uvalde massacre child victims… connect the dots: best news here… according to this article/video there are no birth records and/or death records. Some of the victims (names) are actually adults. And the school is already slated for demolition, just like Sandy Hook.

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4 Comments on “that was then

  1. I have so appreciated the diversity of information you supply on your blog…. It’s like a surprise package with box after box to unwrap in it. You’ve definitely got our attention.
    Concerning there being no birth records or cremation, burial, death records:…. I am perplexed about it and would like to know what you believe is behind this? The scenes of the parents held back from entering the school and the interview of the young mother who got her children out seemed very real to me…. also the news of the teacher’s husband dying of a heart attack shortly after. It’s hard for me to believe it wasn’t real. What possible reason could be for there being no records?
    I would appreciate your input very much.
    Thanking God for the work you do,

    • I’m not sure at the moment. I saw the video this morning and thought I’d share it. I need to look into it a little little deeper.
      It could be that the children were illegal or children of illegal parents, which would explain no birth certificates. Death certificates should have been issued, illegal or not,so I have no idea. I don’t watch the news anymore, but I have read about the parents, cops, the shooter… something is fishy. There are things that just don’t add up to me.
      Just like every other narrative that is put out there, I have doubts as to what is the truth. We may never know the answer as to what really happened. In my opinion I believe this is another push to do away with the second amendment.

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