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June 10, 2022

my thoughts for today

Sorry it’s not the best picture, and you can’t see its head. It is a small black snake, up in the rafters of my deck. My guess is it’s about three feet long.

I know the pics aren’t the best, I’m still trying to figure out my new cell phone…especially night photos. Anyway, I was sitting out on the deck before bed earlier this week when I heard a noise. It was a weird, metallic noise…so I grabbed a flashlight to check things out. The noise came from off the deck but decided to check the rafters because earlier in the day a woodpecker had flown up into the rafters. Just checking to make sure that there weren’t any birds up there…but there was a snake.

I really have no idea how it got up there, unless it slithered up one of the electrical cords we have for lights. If it was bigger, I’d say it could have slithered its way up one of the posts and found its way into the rafters…but this one more than likely would have had a hard time reaching the rafters from any of the posts. I highly doubt it could have found its way up the side of the house, as it is vinyl. A brick or wood house, yeah, but I don’t think it could grip onto vinyl that easily. I could be wrong though…

curiosity brought the snake into the rafters
lack of food brought it back down

I never did find out what was making the noise that made me turn on the flashlight in the first place. Watching the snake do its thing in the rafters made me stay up later than I intended. When I did go to bed, it was curled up near one of the joists, taking a nap, and when I woke up in the morning, it was gone! You can believe I looked for him – or her. Not real hard, but I did look…

If he runs into himself…
game over!


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He attacks?
Worse, he judges you!


take care
stay safe
much love

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