A message from Santa…1776 Restoration Movement

June 11, 2022

It’s Time To Stand Up

A message from Santa:

“I’ve had so many negative comments about what we’re doing here at Bunker Hill right now, so let me address that.

“This is not a convoy anymore, it is a call to bring together all of those who said they wanted to go into DC the first time, yet were not given the go ahead to do so. When TPC disbanded, we scrambled to put together a new movement from scratch. I set up a sole proprietorship business, due to the fact that it takes months to launch a not for profit organization, plus, I don’t really trust NFP’s after what happened to TPC.

“We are staged in a very conservative area, and we have been doing outreach missions in this area to bring awareness to our movement, and plan our final protest in DC. We are not trying to effect change right now, we’re trying to build a movement that is large enough to effect change when we finally do go into DC.

“We need you and every brave Patriot to join us. Not now necessarily, there is no reason to sit here with us until we go in, but we need you here by Friday, July 1st. We will have a 2 day rally that weekend, to prep for the final protest. These 2 days will also let us finalize our plan, once we see how many people and vehicles actually show up.

“If you are serious about doing this, if you were one of the ones who criticized TPC for “not doing anything when we had the chance,” then join us on the 1st.

“If you still think that I’m not serious about actually going in, well, just remember, we were actually lining up to go in, I had rented mobile porta potties with my own money, had the kitchen staff prepare 100 sack lunches to get us through the first day, and had someone pulling my truck to the front of the staging area, because I’d been called into the motor home via text before the nightly meeting. When I entered the motor home I was read the prepared statement telling us that TPC had disbanded. At that moment, I had no financing, no food, no base camp to support us once inside, causing the original plan to be immediately scrapped.

“Additionally, I had ran one scouting operation in DC personally, and had 2 other operations ran to make sure that my plan would work as laid out.

“I have spent $20,000 of my own money while with TPC, and 1776 RM, I’ve lost over $60,000 in revenue during the past 14 weeks. If that doesn’t prove my heart in this endeavor, then sit at home and whine and complain about the problem. I’m looking for Patriots, not pansies!

Either step up or shut up.”

~ Santa/aka David Riddell…1776 restoration movement leader

The group did head down to DC today, walked around the mall area/reflecting pool and handed out flyers and copies of the Constitution. I think it was rather quiet and peaceful, with the main goal being to make people aware and for the movement to grow. They are heading back to camp now.

I got this from the 1776 Restoration Movement Facebook page, which I have finally been able to join – I was in facebook jail previously and could not join groups. I’m still restricted, but not like I was before.

*photos are mine from the last rally I attended.

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The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.

~ Samuel Adams


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  1. Santa I met you in Nebraska and now I lost your contact . Keep up with great work Hug Prayers God Bless you all. Erma Neel Nebraska

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