an esteemed image of vigilance

June 16, 2022

picture of the day

“(S)he has no eye-lids.
She may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance.
She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: 
She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. …
The Rattle-Snake is solitary, and associates with her kind
only when it is necessary for their preservation.”
~ Benjamin Franklin (referring to the Gadsden flag)


Don’t tread on me

…sorry I’m late. I did sleep in, but I’ve also been listening to the 1776 meeting. Santa is going to be on Stew Peters show today! I’ll try to post a link to it when I can. There’s a small group of people going into DC as well. What I could gather is that a woman who gave a speech on Jan 6 has been arrested and is being convicted today.

hope you have a great day!
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Arrest them (the parents/adults)

Arrest him (the stripper/drag queen)

Save her (the child)



If I had a dollar
for every time I got distracted,
I wish I had a puppy.

Never mess with a woman who is not afraid to be alone. You will lose every single time.

~ Walking Her Way ~


take care
stay safe
much love

Proverbs 21: 27 (NKJV)
The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination;
How much more when he brings it with wicked intent!

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