Just not in the mood – 2 what’s the emergency

June 18, 2022

I said I would explain what happened last night, so here I am. I really don’t feel like going into a lot of detail – but I will share some of what happened.

My boyfriend housemate was mowing yesterday. No big deal…he walked in the house, nonchalant walked down the hallway then turned around. I was in the kitchen, fixing myself a sandwich, and announced where I was, because obviously he was looking for me.

He proceeded to tell me to drop everything I was doing and to come outside with him – he had knocked his glasses off and the earpiece fell off. Okay…I stopped what I was doing and followed him outside! He proceeded to tell me it’s an emergency and we need to get outside. NOW!! Yeah, I’m right behind ya, dude. We proceed out onto the deck…I stopped to put my shoes on and grab a cigarette. Yeah, I smoke.

Anyway, I obviously wasn’t moving fast enough for him bc he proceeded to scold me for not moving fast enough. I should have been closer to his side then his shadow! At that point, I was done. I was like…um, am I allowed to put shoes on my feet? Is your arm broken? Your leg? I get that he can’t see a thing without his glasses, but come on! Yeah, I was pissed.

I did eventually find the piece that broke off…it was on the mower. He did eventually apologize for overreacting. But at that point I was done. I am done! I’ve been done. I’ve been done since last fall.

He will never get back what he has lost. He has lied to me, lost and broken my trust. He still drinks behind my back and thinks I don’t know. I can smell it on his breath when he gets home from shopping, sometimes he reeks of it. The only reason he is not gone, is because of covid.

I’ve complained about him before, but I do try to keep private private, which is why I haven’t really complained or said much about him or our relationship lately. Sometimes, something that is going on at home affects me here and I need to let you know – at least a little bit – of why I might disappear. Or something like that. While he still lives here, there is nothing more between us than friendship. Even though he wants more and probably thinks we will get back what we may have once had back, it won’t happen. Like I stated earlier…he would be gone if it weren’t for covid.

That’s about all I have for now.
Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Starting tomorrow, whatever life throws at me, I’m ducking so it hits someone else!

…not tomorrow, but today!

despite everything….

There’s always something to be happy about!


Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.

…this is something he has not learned. I am not kidding.


take care
stay safe
much love

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