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June 22, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Gardening is an instrument of grace
~ May Sarton

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Texas used an armored tank and was quicker to respond against a bar owner defying pandemic shutdowns than they were on an active school shooter. If that doesn’t get people to ask questions, I don’t know what will.


“This used to be a really nice neighborhood, until that crack house ruined everything.”


Globalists are now shifting into their “kill phase” of human extermination, abandoning all their previous strategies of trying to hide their true intentions.

Now they openly talk of cutting off energy to humanity, starving people to death with food supply disruptions, resetting the global currencies to plunge humanity into poverty and achieving depopulation through the use of vaccines and deadly medications.


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5 Comments on “play in the garden

  1. Scary, scary stuff. Today, when I went to the grocery stores, the shelves were the emptiest i have EVER seen them, and lately, they have been pretty empty.

    • It is scary! My house mate does most of the shopping, so I’m not sure how the shelves look. He went to the store today and told me he went off on some guy. I wasn’t with him, but he told me it wasn’t pretty.
      When my son and I went shopping a few days ago, the shelves seemed pretty well stocked, but they’re also moving things around to make the shelves seem fuller. I think sometimes, it’s hit or miss. There have been times when we couldn’t get what we went for.
      I’ll probably be posting about this in the next couple days, but I’m hearing the truckers are starting to turn their keys [engines] off…they can’t get gas to run loads. If they can’t run loads, there will be no food in the stores. I’m afraid we haven’t seen anything yet.
      Thank you for the comment.

      • I think you are very right. With gas prices being what they are, and they just keep going up, truckers can’t afford to truck things in anymore. The really sad AND frustrating part, is I think all of this is by design. We are in for some VERY, VERY dark days ahead.

      • It is manufactured…all of it. This could all be reversed, with a stroke of a pen, but the leftist nwo want us begging for help. It’s why they hated Trump, he couldn’t be controlled and was definitely America first.

        We could be heading into a depression in the next year or so, if things don’t get turned around. Again, manufactured. We don’t have to be going through any of this. Dark days ahead for sure.

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