1776 Restoration Movement: Operation Free Santa

July 7, 2022

Thursday Meeting on the National Mall

I am sharing this today to let everyone know the movement is still going strong. Oreo is live when I’m posting…I can’t find the video of him driving into DC where he specifically talks about possibly getting Santa out of jail, but he does go over the plan during the meeting. You can rewind to the 1:00:02 mark to hear what Oreo had to say.

Basically, Santa could be released this afternoon, refusing the extradition. Refusing to be extradited, according to what they’re saying, is the quickest way to get him back out on the street. What would happen is Santa goes to court, refuses to be extradited, pay his fines, and then released on the promise that he would turn himself in to Maryland. Josh explains it much better than I can.

The police in DC could give him a hard time, and it could take weeks to get him out. But this is a worst case scenario. Chances are Oreo will cut off when he gets to the courthouse, but like always, I will give any new details when/if anything happens.

There was an incident later in the day yesterday when this woman showed up and tried to start something with the group. She ended up calling the cops, I guess because she felt the need to. The cops told her to go home. If you rewind the video below to the 6:32:43 mark, you can see the interaction.

She came up to them. No harm was done, she was triggered. That is all.

Well, that’s all I have for now…

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