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July 7, 2022

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Something is seriously wrong
when the world is offended by everything
but sin

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Biden voted to overturn Roe vs Wade in 1982 saying women don’t have ‘sole right’ to say what happens to their bodies

link: NewYorkPost
….I know, New York Post, uggg



“Your call is important to us.
Please stay on the line until your call
is no longer important to you.”

You can lead a horse to water
but you can’t make him drink

You can tell a democrat the truth
but you can’t make him think


Has The Final Beast Empire Of Revelation Come Knocking?: Prophecy News Watch…“There are more questions and speculation than anything else at this point regarding the future of the European Union and recreating the Roman Empire but with so many prophetic events converging at this time it is time to be paying attention more now than ever before.  We know from scripture a final world empire ruled by the Antichrist will emerge.  It is only a matter of how and when.”

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Jeremiah 1: 5 (NKJV)
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified [a] you;
[b]ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

[a] set you apart
[b] appointed

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