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July 8, 2022

transplanting tomato plants

I started on Tuesday…

Where the red circle is (below), I dug up so I can plant tomato plants that I started from seed, which I saved from a tomato that came off of a plant I grew last year. I’m actually surprised they grew. I took the seeds, let them dry out on wax paper then stuck them in a medicine cup…and left them alone for the winter. Then, a few weeks ago I stuck them in water to rehydrate. When I checked on them a little while later, some had started to root, or sprout, so I stuck them in soil. And here we are…

This is really the only place I can think of to stick some tomatoes, spur of the moment, and to keep an eye on them. We have so many critters running around that we need to either keep an eye on the garden or put a fence around it. My hope is to have a decent sized garden next year. I wanted it this year, but it didn’t happen.

I left the green clump on purpose. The plant is medicinal, although I haven’t used it yet. At this point I’m just glad I know it is medicinal and grows wild on my property.

So now, I need to get some potting soil to put down at the top of the area where I dug out – where the beach towel is in the second photo (below). There is a lot of rock/gravel in that area, that has been covered over with dirt/soil and grass. It happens, what can I say…for years the water, when it rains, has been allowed to run where it wants, which is why I’m working on putting rock down. It still puddles at the bottom of the steps, but with the trenches and rock it quickly goes away. As I slowly work on this area, it should get better. I will probably have to think of something to put at the top of the walkway, to help divert the water even more. Dig a trench and put a log and rock in it. Something like that.

Thursday morning, I dug a trench in the area I just dug up, to divert water away from the deck and filled it in with rock.

And now I wait. I should be transplanting the plants by Monday. They’re calling for rain tomorrow (Saturday), so moving them from pot to soil won’t happen, plus I need to wait until they get a little bit bigger. I know it’s a little bit late to be starting tomato plants, but there is still time to grow the plants and get some produce from them. They should/will produce until frost kills them off.

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