the curious thing about Texas

July 8, 2022


If Texans ever begin worrying that they do not have enough political influence in the country, they have a remedy open to them that is not available to other Americans. By the terms of the treaty annexing Texas to the Union, the state has the right to divide itself at any time into as many as five states. This right gives the state power to create eight more senators and four more governors.
~ One Night Stands With American History

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2 Comments on “the curious thing about Texas

  1. this might be a great idea except for all the transplanted Californians. I say this as an ex-Californians.

    • I agree…the idea of splitting as a concept could be a good thing. Anything could happen.

      A few years ago, western Maryland tried to split from Maryland as they felt they weren’t fairly represented (western Maryland is much more conservative/Republican than eastern Maryland) but they didn’t have enough support.

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