1776 Restoration Movement and the Women’s March (abortion rights) in DC

July 9, 2022

The 1776 Restoration Movement is still in DC, and the group is growing and receiving more and more recognition. Of course, mainstream media won’t say anything positive, so we have to rely on the live streamers to get any accurate news.

They are not planning on any clashes between the two groups, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something doesn’t happen. Josh (Oreo Express), WYSIWYG, 1st Responders and others know how to defend themselves and are prepared…just in case. I hope nothing happens, but you never know. My housemate told me that the park police advised the group to lock themselves in their cars…just in case. Some of the more timid or fragile ones may take that advice, but others – like the streamers I linked to, won’t let them intimidate them. Also, people with the women’s march are planning on getting arrested…they were signing papers – “get out of jail” cards – with info.

Oreo Express
1st Responders Media

1st Responders is embedded with the march


WYSIWYG and Oreo are back at the camp. All three are live at the moment. Just thought I’d share their streams so you can see what is going on.

If anything happens, I will be sure to update.

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6 Comments on “1776 Restoration Movement and the Women’s March (abortion rights) in DC

    • You’re welcome!

      I just learned that Big D, the one who drives the yellow fire truck and is in jail in West Virginia won’t be extradited until Monday possibly, is in a cell with two other people and is in confinement for 23 hours a day. He has to drink water from his hand from the sink in his cell. The conditions aren’t very good.

      • That sucks. I don’t trust the police or the politicians that control them. I hope he gets out soon.

      • He will. One thing this shows, if people are paying attention, is the double standard of the way the protestors are treated, depending on which side you’re on. Not necessarily the jails, but the arrests, treatment, and such…

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