at night we believe

July 10, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

In daytime we investigate, but at night believe.
~ Henry James Slack

…1776 Restoration update: Big D (the yellow fire truck driver) is still in jail in West Virginia. They’re hoping that he will be transferred to Maryland tomorrow (Monday) and then be released. Fingers crossed. All three that have been arrested, were arrested wrongly. Santa and Big D were never issued tickets, had no idea they had warrants out for their arrest. Oreo explains it accurately…the way Big D and Santa were arrested was equivalent to getting a speeding ticket via a speed camera on Monday and being arrested on Tuesday. It’s also my understanding the Big D paid his fines, but he was still arrested. The third person to be arrested was hit in the face with a megaphone, went to report the assault and was arrested for knocking the megaphone away. Someone had taken a clip of the incident, clipped the part of her hitting him in the face out. He was released a few hours later.

They are still in DC, on the National Mall. They are spending the nights in their cars, no bathrooms or showers but I hear there are a couple RV’s on the way that they will be able to use. They are gaining awareness and it does look like the movement is growing.

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“Your Honor, the defense would like to call a surprise witness.”

January 6 Committee Hearing


Asked my child to vacuum seal and label the hamburger. This is what I got…

~ neighbor’s cat (found dead)
~ possum from back yard
~ Carol Baskin’s husband
~ free range skunk


Beer bread: can of warm beer, 3 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar
Bake at 350 degrees, 40-60 min.
Boom, you have bread!

No yeast needed!


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