1776 Restoration Movement – White House/car towed

July 11, 2022

Ok, so this morning part of the group “marched” from the capital building to the White House. While they were at the White House, they got word that X-Rays truck was being towed. They were just hanging out, doing their thing…I stepped away to plant my tomato plants, which really needed to get in the ground…when I came back to the deck for a minute, my housemate told me x-rays truck is being towed and others might be as well.


Apparently, WYSIWIG started a new stream while they were at the White House. I will post a video of the march at the end. At the moment, it looks like only x-rays truck is being towed…I don’t know why. It does sound like K9’s were brought in.

xray vision

X-rays video does start before the march. He is a little mouthy, he is an x marine. But he really cares about our freedoms and what not.

So, I don’t know exactly what’s happening, as this is live and in the moment. I’m sure I’ll be posting an update at some point. It does appear that x-ray was targeted for some reason. Maybe because he’s a little more outspoken and obnoxious than the others? They do seem to be targeted, which is expected…they don’t carry the narrative that the left wants everyone to hear.

As of right now, things seem quiet. You will have to rewind any of the two videos I have linked to, to get any details. The thought that something might happen to the camp while they were marching did cross my mind, but there was security/people stayed behind to keep an eye on things.

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“Some people’s idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill

…this is more than about free speech, but I like the quote and it applies. As I have said before, what is going on is a double standard. One side can act and say as they please, but the other side better not. If you do, there will be consequences.


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