July 18, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

“We seem to have lost the gift of patience,
of waiting for time to unfold its story.”
~ Mary Irish

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They use the media to brainwash you.
They use celebrities to influence you.
They use religion to control you.
They use propaganda to distract you.
They use money to enslave you.
They use politics to divide you.

And they use lies to convince you none of this is happening.

~ Tom MacDonald



All you kids with your fortnights and black ops.
You wouldn’t even make it past the Kansas River

Oregon Trail
Disk 1

“The Supreme Court took away our rights!”
“What rights?”
“Our right to choose.”
“To choose what?”
“A woman’s right to abortion!”
“What is a woman?”
“My body, my choice!!”
“What about the baby’s body?”


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