One world religion… it’s already here

July 18, 2022

One World Religion

I was searching through articles about one world religion recently when I stumbled across one where the author stated that the one world religion was already here. And thriving!! I don’t know how I missed this…

It’s called Interfaith, or unitarian/universal (Unitarianism/universalism).
Yeah. It escaped me. I have to say I’m not a big fan of “interfaith” or universalism…a friend invited me to the church she goes to in Hagerstown a couple years ago. I believe it is a unitarian church. I had to decline, I just didn’t feel comfortable going. The belief that your god is the same as my god, as different religions teach now, is a hard concept to fathom. Sure, some religions worship the same god, but others do not, or go about worshipping in a way I am not comfortable with.

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Interfaith is, “in its most basic sense, when people or groups from different religious/spiritual worldviews and traditions come together. “Inter-religious” is also used, since “interfaith” can connotate exclusively Abrahamic traditions. Did you know interfaith cooperation also can include atheists and agnostics, and people of no faith? Interfaith cooperation is the conscious bringing together of people from diverse religious, spiritual, and ethical beliefs.” (

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According to Webster Dictionary (online), Unitarian is:

1: a often capitalized one who believes that the deity exists only in one person
b capitalized a member of a denomination that stresses individual freedom of belief, the free use of reason in religion, a united world community, and liberal social action
2: an advocate of unity or a unitary system

Not bad, if you think about it. But looking deeper…

~ Unitarianism:

~ “does not constitute one single Christian denomination,
but rather refers to a collection of both extant and extinct Christian groups,
whether historically related to each other or not, which share a common theological concept of the oneness nature of God. (
~ also known for the rejection of several other Western Christian doctrines, including the doctrines of original sin, predestination, and the infallibility of the Bible. Unitarians in previous centuries accepted the doctrine of punishment in an eternal hell, but few do today.
~ Universalism has really been around for a long time, gaining traction during the age of enlightenment

”The kind of Unitarian.
Who having by elimination got.
From many gods to Three,
and Three to One,
Thinks why not taper off to none at all.”

~ Robert Frost

The One word religion: how it is coming together and how it relates to Jesus’ return… this article explains the movement much better than I can.

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Chrislam symbol

One World Religion Headquarters To Open 2022: (…this is an older article, written in 2019, but gives you an idea of what Chrislam is, with a video of the Abrahamic House proposed to be built this year in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Interfaith is a western thing, Chrislam is an eastern thing. Both, I think have the same general bringing together of different religions. The merging of interfaith and Chrislam will happen eventually, if it hasn’t already.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good idea to understand and respect each other. And I do. In the Bible it does say to love each other as I have loved you. But, just like everything else, that doesn’t mean that I have to believe that all religions are the same, and that we worship the same god. Nor to worship God under the same roof as another deity (stay away from false prophets). Lucifer is not God, there is no way I can believe that (he is a fallen angel). Neither am I god. I – we – are made in the image of God, but we are not God. I don’t believe that God wants me to kill anyone that doesn’t believe the same as I do. He is the final judge, not me. We can live in peace, with different beliefs…

Somehow, someway, people are going to be convinced that God and Satan are one and the same. Or to totally denounce the belief in God, that government is the only “one” that can and will save you. It’s already happening.

All in the name of tolerance, a deceptive ploy of Satan…to corrupt the “church” from within. That’s all religion really is, a division tactic. We are the church, and we are to live our lives accordingly.

I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the father except through me.

~ John 14: 6

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  1. Supposedly in the UAE they are building a site with three interfaith churches to represent world religion.

  2. All religions contain varying degrees of truth, but are corrupted to varying degrees. Following Jesus to the heavenly Father is not a religion but a way of life.

    Jesus said as you neatly quote near the end of your post “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”

    I call Satan Loopy Lucy now. He has gone quite insane as current situation shows.

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