more than you’ll ever know

August 1, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

maybe you matter more than you will ever know

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Parents speaking out at school board meetings are considered Domestic Terrorists.

Threats of assassination to Supreme Court Justices are protests.


I love how in scary movies the person yells out ‘Hello?’ as if the killer is going to be like ‘Yeah, I’m in the kitchen, want a sandwich?’


When you have to choose…

gas money or coffee money


5 survival shelters every prepper should know: ask a prepper…some shelters to consider are: tarp, debris, teepee, snow cave, a-frame…of course this all depends on if you plan on bugging in or out. Bugging in is “staying put”. If you plan on staying put, it is best to have everything in place already. It is a lifestyle that should already be mostly implemented, so when the SHTF, you’re prepared already. Bugging out is moving out of the area…these shelters that I mentioned/are mentioned in this article are what you need to know in this situation. I personally plan on staying put…if it comes down to it.

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