time changes everything

August 1, 2022

The first and the last

…this is something new I’m doing, where I share the first and last photos in my cell phone camera. Hope you enjoy…

Time for changes yet again at Holly’s World. Nothing bad, and you may not really notice the change. I really don’t know what the change is going to consist of, but things are going to be a little different. For one, I’m hardly on Facebook anymore, so the meme’s may or may not disappear. I’ll be doing another post soon on that, but to keep it simple…I’m tired of being just a number and being treated like I’m stupid or something. I haven’t been restricted on facebook since July 13, but that’s probably only because I’m not posting.

Constant changes in the garden…

If things don’t change in the garden, something’s not right…right? A week or so ago we got one heck of an electrical storm, and it poured!! The area where I have my tomato plants growing looked like a river. At the time there was nothing I could do about it, but I did bring up a log to use as a type of barrier. I still need to dig out the area, so the trench and log divert the water away from the tomatoes, but it works for now. I obviously can’t stop all water, nor do I want to, but I can protect the garden from torrential water coming from the driveway. I said I probably needed to put something across the top to divert water away from the deck steps, and I was right. Since then, we haven’t gotten any storms/downpours so I don’t know exactly how well it works or will work, but I have a pretty good idea it will, once the area is complete. The way things are going, I should have the walkway done by winter. Hopefully!

It was a cool day yesterday and last night, a welcome relief from the heat and humidity! When I took the photo last night, it had been raining, hence the higher humidity. It’s supposed to get hot and humid again through this week. I try not to complain, as I do have the pool to get in to cool off and I have figured out how to keep the house a bit cooler than the outside temps.

August already??
September is practically next week.
Time to pick out a Halloween costume
and start your Christmas shopping.
Happy New Year everybody!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

May you live to be so old that your driving terrifies people.


Take care
stay safe
much love

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