make a run for it . . .

August 2, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

If I waited until I had all my ducks in a row
I’d never get across the street
Sometimes you’ve just got to
gather up what you’ve got
and make a run for it

~ Judge Lynn Toler

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Dear Diary,

Made an ass of myself again today…


“You’re electric car needs a new battery.
That’ll be $15,000″


Do you know why your media programs you to hate me?

Because I told them the New World Order is not welcome in my land


Food-Stretching Tips From The Great Depression: ask a prepper…“While we all have high hopes of never seeing an economic crisis of this magnitude in our lifetimes, people who lived during the great depression know to never say never. This is probably because people who survived that time didn’t think it could happen to them either.”…in the article are suggestions on strategies that can be used to stretch your food, from reusing cooking water, food preservation, use fillers such as rice and beans, cut portion sizes, and more

take care
stay safe
much love

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