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August 11, 2022

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We don’t speak out on social media expecting you to just believe us
Research everything we post and educate yourself
We are not the media
Our purpose is not to brainwash you
We are here to open your eyes so you can find the truth for yourself

…I do try and post/share links when I can, as most are aware, but ultimately it is up to you to decide for yourself what is real and not, what is true and what is not. I don’t tell you what or how to think. I never have and never will.

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Who visited “The Island” list #1

~ John Legend ~ Stephen Spielberg ~ Madonna Ciccone ~ Chrissy Tiegen ~ Katheryn Hudson ~ Jim Carrey ~ Steven Colbert ~ Gweb Stefani ~ Steven Tyler ~ Jimmy Kimmel ~ Stefani Germanotti ~ Ben Affleck ~ Barack Obama ~ Will Smith ~ Stephen Collins ~ Kevin Spacey ~ Anderson Cooper ~ Will Ferrell ~ Kathy Griffin ~ Demi Moore ~ Charlie Sheen ~ Oprah Winfrey ~ Brian Affleck ~ Miley Cyrus
~ Beyonce Knowles ~ Meryl Streep ~

…this list has not been confirmed, the actual list of visitors to Epstein’s island will probably never be released. But if the names of supposed visitors is real, you can see why it hasn’t been published…



“This complicates things.”

Instead of finding a new form of social media we should go back to bonfires, tailgate parties, night fishing, porch sitting and cruising with the radio playing


Food Banks Across America Report Record Demand And Record Shortages: prophecy news watch…“In the past month there has been a steady stream of reports from pantries across the US stating that they are now hitting record-high demand and record-low supply.  From New York to Wisconsin to Ohio to Missouri to Florida to Arkansas to California and beyond, pantries are running out.  On top of that, it’s the middle of summer – the busiest time for food banks and the Salvation Army is during the winter holidays.”

take care
stay safe
much love

Romans 6: 23 (NKJV)
For the wages of sin is death,
but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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