29 days

August 12, 2022

I was hoping to do this post tomorrow, sharing that it had been a month since I had gotten any new restrictions on Facebook. Unfortunately, that’s not the case…

Dear Facebook.

It is not your job to fact check our posts. You’re a platform, not a publisher.

everyone on Facebook


29 days is a pretty good start for me, considering I normally get a notification a couple times a week. I guess deleting and blocking people does have advantages.

(facebook screenshots)

Yup, I’ve started taking screenshots of my notifications/restrictions. They’ve gotten in the habit of deleting notifications. I made a comment on a friends post that I had been “on notice” since September last year and got a notice that wasn’t true…getting 30 days of no posting, no commenting or sharing. I checked my notifications, and low and behold most of my notifications had been deleted. So, now I take a screen shot every time I get a new notification…and share with you.

This is what I got restricted for this time…

Ghislane Maxwell and Judge Bruce Reinhart…looking cozy!

…they’re saying it’s an altered photo and could be misleading. Whatever…The point of the photo is that he knew Maxwell and Epstein. He also knew Obama. He defended Maxwell’s clients… I’ve seen this photo before, with someone else getting a foot rub.

How many of my own photos have I shared here, with you, that have been altered? Care to venture a guess? Too many to guess. If it were up to social media, I’d get slapped for every single one!


You’ll be seeing it again.

Lately, I’ve just been getting my posts moved to the bottom of the feed for 90 days, with my last actual “jail” time back in May.

Below is a list of my restriction history, going back to Feb 9 of this year. Don’t ask me why it isn’t in chronological order, accept that notifications have been deleted.

(fakebook screenshot)

They are doing this so people like me can’t say we have been in restricted mode continuously since who knows when. I personally have been restricted since September of last year, even though Facebook says it’s not true and have deleted notifications so I can’t verify what I say to be true. Hence the screenshots.

Anyone want to venture how long it takes for me to get slapped again? Another 30 days would be nice, but we’ll see. The restrictions won’t stop me from sharing. That’s a fact!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

A shout out to those who cannot be with us today
Because they are in FB jail


take care
stay safe
much love

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