still mysteries

August 14, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

We still do not know
one thousandth of one percent
of what nature has revealed to us

~ Albert Einstein

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How gas prices compare around the world:

Price of one gallon of gasoline, by country/territory (as of March 14, 2022)

deep red: more than $6.00
red/pink: $5.01-$6.00
orange: $4.01 – $5.00
yellow-orange: $3.01 – $4.00
yellow: $0.10 – $3.00

*some countries only updated monthly
(source: global petrol prices)


Yes, they live among us


Hello, I’m Miss Information
I’m here to ensure that you only see state sponsored propaganda


Are You A Bad Neighbor?: ask a prepper…there is no clear-cut answer, and how you decide to deal with prepping personally is up to you. There are things you can do, like gather extra supplies to distribute when needed, help each other out before things go bad…but ultimately the choice is between you and your family.

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