Do not comply

August 18, 2022

Do Not Comply With Tyranny

this is what not complying looks like…

…saving butterflies from the pool and letting stuff grow to see what happens!

I’m kidding, kind of.

Not complying with tyranny really is about not living in fear…living the life that you were created for, and not letting fear get in the way.

So anyway…it rained for three plus hours yesterday evening. This afternoon I had to drain the pool down a little…and ended up saving a butterfly from the pool. I really wanted to trim around some more of my holly’s and Crepe Myrtle’s but it’s too wet.

I thought it was dead, honestly. But when I scooped it out of the pool, it wrapped its little legs around my fingers and held on. So, of course, I had to run inside and grab my phone so I could take a quick picture. It was waterlogged, so I knew it wouldn’t fly away while inside. It’s still hanging out on the deck…it is a little beat up, but at least I gave it a chance.

This morning I was checking some of my plants out that are growing in the bird feeding station. What I thought was a morning glory turns out to be corn. Don’t laugh…from the deck, I couldn’t really tell what it was. All I could really see was a white blob.

It’s just a little thing, but that’s okay. I might save it for next year, depending on what happens to or with it, or give it to the birds later. I could very possibly grow some corn for next year. It all depends on what it looks like in a few weeks.

And then there’s this…

I didn’t think anything would come of this seedling that I brought back from one of our fishing expeditions last fall.

When it blooms, this is what it will look like…

This is called a Jimson weed.

There will be more pictures…hopefully.

I brought some other seeds home as well, but I haven’t noticed any growth yet. After this morning’s find, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for anything.

And then there’s this…

Black Conservative Preacher

In this video he talks about grooming, indoctrination, the notion of “being anything you want”, rebellion, and how there are no consequences for youth today. It is a short video, about 24 minutes long. What he talks about in the video is exactly how I feel…

My hope is, I can share more streams like I had been doing. Not every day or anything like that…just more often.

so, until next time…

the best blessings
come out of the worst situations

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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