solitude is powerful

August 22, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

life is a series of tiny miracles
notice them

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When Bill Gates takes his private jet from Seattle to New York and back, he burns enough fuel to supply our cattle operation for 6 months. In that same time frame, we produce enough beef for 800 Americans for the entire year. Hey elites, COWS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!!!


when your dark humor accidentally slips in front of new people

…that wasn’t me!


what seems new…

is actually very old.


How To Preserve Foods In Honey: ask a prepper…“Honey has been used in food preservation for centuries for its many microbial-fighting properties that keep food from spoiling. Many people believe that the high sugar content or high acidity in honey is the reason for its preservative properties.”…this article shares how to can – including pressure canning, boiling water bath canning, tips, and other possibly useful info.

take care
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