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August 25, 2022

I really like this guy, although I haven’t met him yet. He doesn’t live that far away, it just hasn’t happened yet. He is ex-military and is part of or associates with the 1776 Restoration Movement. The video is a little over 17 minutes long…


The 1776 Restoration Movement…they’re still around, doing constitution classes and trying to keep vermin away. While they were camped out on the national mall they started having issues with counter protestors…I may have mentioned this before. It got to be a real problem, and the police wouldn’t do anything – claiming they, the counter protestors had a first amendment right. They do, but they were taking it to the extreme, still are – or trying at least trying to. They were also attacked with chemicals, but no problem. If the 1776’ers had retaliated, it would’ve been over for them – the 1776’ers. Up at Bunker Hill, WVA, a guy was finally arrested, car towed and phone confiscated for evidence. Oreo went back to California for a week or so – and had two nut jobs follow him. There was a confrontation with a neighbor and they were banned from being near Oreo or his neighbor – it was made clear that it goes both ways. The last couple of days things seem to be quiet, and the 1776’ers can finally move forward. They are moving to a new location the end of the month and plan on taking trips to D.C. to protest starting in September. That’s the latest I’ve heard anyway…

What Magamericans reads in this video, I think hits the nail on the head. He highlights everything…and I couldn’t agree more with what he says.

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