mission accomplished . . . kind of

September 14, 2022

I did get what I wanted to get done, done today.

No bugs stinging me, nor did I see any black snakes! Most importantly, no stinging bugs…black snakes more than likely were scared away by the mower. I’ve always been cautious when stomping around in the woods, especially in areas where I don’t normally tread.

In case you missed it yesterday, I was weeding my garden out front when I was stung by a caterpillar. It left me with a nasty rash, which is barely visible today, and sleepy the rest of the day due to the Benadryl that I took. But today, all is good!

Getting to the rock pile proved a little harder than I anticipated. I could only get the mower back so far…which meant I had to disconnect the trailer, move the mower, then move the trailer by hand, then reconnect the trailer to the mower. Once that was done, it was almost smooth sailing. If I had been thinking, I would have brought a pair of clippers with me, to trim some of the undergrowth…next time. There will be a next time! I still have more rock to bring up.

What I brought up is enough for now. I also didn’t want to weigh the mower/trailer down too much, as the ground is still pretty wet.

I don’t have too much to do to finish the walkway to the deck. I said I was going to finish it this year, and I think that promise to myself will be kept. And before I forget, all the stone I’m using for the walkways – the steppingstones, not the pond rock or pebbles – came from the summer kitchen chimney that my dad tore down before we moved to this house. He was originally going to use the stone for an outdoor stove, but that never happened. So, I am using it for my garden and deck pathways.

These stones (above) are around my mint garden, which doesn’t do anything to contain the mint. It just looks nice. I think I’m going to have to put some stone like that in one area of my walkway, to keep water from running down the bricks and in front of the deck. The area I’m talking about is in the area where the planter is, in the photo below…

Once the walkway is complete and we actually get some heavy rain, I will know what I need to do.

I think I am taking the day off tomorrow and resting my muscles. My housemate wants to clean the chimney tomorrow…so I will help him with that and probably just piddle around the house.

Free yourself from the illusion of a good and bad day.

Labeling time makes us nostalgic of the past
and demanding of the future.

There is only here and now.

Let It Be!!


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