time flies in the garden

September 19, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful


when you go outside
with a cup of coffee
and by the time you come back in
it’s cocktail hour
and you’re still wearing your slippers

How To Dig A Native American Dakota Fire Hole: ask a prepper…“A Dakota Fire Hole is a fire that is built below ground and fed oxygen through a second hole and tunnel dug adjacent to it. As the fire burns, the hot air will rise up through the hole, which will create a suction effect through the tunnel and second hole. The result is that the fire is given a continuous supply of fresh oxygen, which allows it to burn hotter. The hotter fire of a Dakota Fire Hole is also far more efficient, requiring less wood to achieve the same heat output of a traditional fire built above ground.” I actually learned about this technique a few years ago, although I haven’t tried it yet.

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