how fair is the garden

September 22, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

how fair is a garden
amid the trials and passions
of existence
~ Benjamin Disraeli

maybe being put in facebook “jail” was supposed to happen. Maybe, just maybe it’s a good thing!

video is 34 minutes long

Prophecies….50th Jubilee Year ends September 24th!
Washington DC will be hit with Storms of Truths! Something big will transpire in DC….
Impeachments and Removals to come! God’s Victory is here!!!
The Last FINAL FALL of The Biden is coming! Undeniable proof will be revealed who he really is….
Unmasking of him and this fraudulent Government…..for all to see!
Season of Their Fall is here! More exposure of Vaccines will be disclosed on their side effects!
We pray for all to be heal by the blood of Jesus! For more…listen as Julie explains The Eagles Release and more revealings from God.

I’ve been hearing over the past week that people are very anxious lately and can’t sleep. There is a new moon on the 25th. When there is a new moon, weird things seem to happen. I personally have been feeling like I need more sleep. My need to “stay home” has been stronger, although there are times when I feel like a quick trip out is warranted. Getting things done around here is also of utmost importance. Keeping the pantry stocked obviously, but also putting up more shelves so I can store more.

I have felt that something is going to happen…soon. This video confirms what I have been feeling. Listen to the whole thing, if you can. So maybe, I have been pulled from Facebook for a reason, to be protected, in a sense.

This morning, I had two thoughts on my mind regarding Facebook. One was to delete/block more people, but also to rant! Being put on a six day restriction saved me from ranting – which would have put me in jail anyway. I can still see posts and interact on messenger. It is on messenger that the video was shared with me. According to her, many things are going to be revealed and come to light. Listening to what she has to say will, hopefully, make sense of what I and others have been sharing.

The Storm is here
Focus on God – not man
God will heal – if you trust Him as the healer
Physical and Spiritual Storms are on the horizon

Pedophilia Ring will be exposed (not a secret no more)
Public arrests will be made

the curtain will be pulled back on the puppet show
He hears our prayers, and they will be answered

when you finally realize this world can’t help you, you will cry out to the One who can.

Psalm 34: 17 KJV
The righteous cry
and the Lord heareth
and delivereth them out of all their troubles


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